Sunday, January 17, 2016


Whoowee we have had some cold days. Being from the south I'm not really cut out for temperatures below 10 degrees Fahrenheit. My undercoat isn't very bushy and my paws get cold quickly so, even though Merlin didn't need a coat or boots until he was an old man, Mama altered his coat to fit me and tried to get me to wear the last of his disposable boots, but after a fifteen minute wrestling match that resulted in me having only one boot on Mama broke down and bought me some new boots.  I love the coat, the boots took a little getting used to, but then I liked them. Unfortunately they didn't survive my 1 hour and 10 minutes of walking/playing. My toes went right out the front even though Mama made sure they were the right size. So, we DO NOT recommend Top Paw Hiking Boots. We do recommend Petsmart as they took back the destroyed boots no questions asked.

Here is a movie of me playing in my first boots and coat:

Mama went online and researched heavy duty boots and wound up buying me Ultra Paws Rugged boots.  Mama had to buy two sets because my front feet are almost an inch wider than my back feet. (Mama says I have big floppy basset hound feet in front and dainty herding dog feet in the back). The boots arrived in two days!! which was great because we woke up to -3 degree temps this morning and, even though we waited until 9:30 to walk it was still only 0 degrees out by then. I wasn't so sure about the new boots because they were heavier and stiffer than the first pair, but after a few blocks I got the hang of walking in them and was happily jumping and playing and running at the end and the boots were all still in one piece when we went in which Mama says was a plus. She says her only regret is that she bought two pairs of black boots. If she had been thinking she'd have bought red boots for the front and black for the back so it would look like I was wearing boots and mittens. I'm glad she bought all black. They don't stand out as much as the bright green bad boots or the purple disposable boots did, so hopefully people won't laugh at me as much. We hope these boots continue to hold up to my activity level.

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