Monday, July 27, 2015

Grandma Sent Pictures!

Here are a few shots of me not getting in Mama's scupper.

I'll just sit here, thanks

Two feet in is enough

 Maybe I can just swim along with you instead

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Mama and I went up to Wisconsin last weekend. Grandma and Grandpa were there although none of my doggy cousins were. I had a great time with Mama being with me all day long and paying attention to me non-stop. First I learned how to jump off the dock! Everyone was very excited when I did it. Mama didn't get to witness my first dive because in order to show me that you CAN jump off the dock Mama had to jump off the dock herself and I jumped off right after her, but once I did it I decided it was fun. I also decided that the first spot I jumped off of was the ONLY spot I could jump off of. Mama and the grandparents thought that was very funny.

Ta da!!

I like retrieving my ducky, but not necessarily giving it to Mama after I bring it back to shore

On another day Mama and I got a ride into town from Grandma who was going to run errands and then we walked home. First we went along a hiking trail and then we walked down some roads. The trail was nice, but there were a lot of bikes. I was a little bit bad about them until about thirty boys on bikes came up the trail. Mama said it must have been a whole camp taking a trail ride. At first I was alert, then I was worried, then I snuggled into Mama for reassurance. After that huge pack of boys on bikes the ones in small groups we encountered didn't seem so bad. Right before we got home Grandma came by in the car and we rode the last 1/4 mile or so. 

Mama says she knows I wasn't a stray because I wandered off and got lost because I led Mama home from town (it is about four miles) without ever having been in town or on the roads we walked home on before Grandma drove us down them to the trail head and this was only my second visit to the Wisconsin house.

I took a break from hiking in a nice lake along the trail

I got to take a big boat ride around the lake which was fun. We stopped at the dock of some old family friends of Mama and the grandparents and while the humans talked I got pet by a nice girl. There was another girl on the dock, but she wasn't as nice because not only didn't she pet me, she didn't share her apple with me either.

Mama spent a little time each day we were on vacation trying to get me to ride on something called a scupper. It is a kind of sea kayak that you sit on not in. I had to wear a life vest and Mama did too just to be safe in case I ever did get on it and out into the deep water. Mama kept telling me I'd like it if I tried it, but I didn't believe her. One day I kept showing Mama the big boat in case she forgot that that one existed and I liked it, but she said no I needed to learn to ride on her little boat. I did get to play a fun game where Mama sat in the scupper and I stepped on it and off it to get pieces of bread. On the last day I did put all four feet on it at the same time and Mama pushed the boat away from shore about 2 feet before I got worried and jumped off. Mama says maybe next time I'll actually ride it.  Grandma took pictures, but for some reason she won't share them with Mama so instead of pictures of me in my life vest NOT getting on the scupper, here are some pictures of the baby loons that we saw while out on a big boat ride.