Thursday, February 26, 2015

I Got Bored

Mama went back to work for a full day today. I got bored so I


 and tried to turn the mattress.

For some reason she wasn't happy.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Here are Some Stats About Me

  • Right now we are guessing that I am a lab/shepherd mix although some think lab/border collie. Mama plans to get me genetically tested at some point.
  • I am somewhere between one and two years old.
  • The vet says I weigh 64 lbs which seems a bit high to Mama, but does explain why her back gets sore when she has to lift me into the car.
  • I'm about 21 inches tall at the shoulder. 26 inches tall at the top of my head and about 26 inches long from collar to butt. These measurements are not accurate as I am also very squirmy.
  • I was found as a stray in Alabama but I've lived in a house before.
  • I run and hide or roll over on my back if you say the words, "No!" or "Hey!" to me. "Aht aht!" stops me, but doesn't scare me.
  • I love to snuggle and give kisses.
  • I'm a bed hog.
  • I love squeaky balls and stuffies but do not like tennis balls or stuffies that don't squeak.
  • I like to chew on plastic, but REALLY like to chew on antlers.
  • I'm offended easily and go off to pout when that happens.
  • I'm not sure about this below zero temperature stuff. Mama had hoped I'd fit into Merlin's old coat, but he was about four inches bigger in every direction so she has cut down an old sweatshirt for me.
  • I DO NOT like the dog in the bedroom mirror, but I don't mind the dog in the linen closet mirror. The shadow dog by the porch at night worries me a bit and the ghost dogs in the windows in town all seem to be friendly.
  • People wearing lots of winter clothing scare me
  • Things on wheels scare me, but cars are the worst
  • When I get excited my ears go from rose to cocked. Sometimes one almost gets to prick.
  • I got "happy tail" at the pound. It should heal up in a few weeks, but if it doesn't they will have to amputate about an inch.
  • My face has some scars on it, but the source is unclear
  • I have a sore hip which could be something congenital or just an injury from a hard fall.
  • I'm supposed to be staying off my sore hip, but that isn't going so well.
  • If my sore hip isn't better in 3 weeks I'll have to have it x-rayed.
  • I don't like the crate at all and I don't like being penned in one room either, but Mama says I'll have to get used to one or the other when I am alone until I learn that not everything is mine and some things don't go in my mouth.
  • I almost have the "Spit!" command down.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Hi Y'all! First let me introduce myself. My name is Don Diego de la Vega and I'm from Alabama. I took a long van ride up to Illinois where I wound up in a no kill shelter. Then I took a short van ride to a PetSmart adoption center and a few hours after I arrived there I met my new Mama. She thought I was very cute and very familiar looking. She said she saw me on the shelter's web site because another site put in a mislink which directed her to my profile!! She ditched work and got a coworker to drive her over an hour down to the PetSmart to get me. Then we stopped back at her job and thanked her boss for letting her leave. Then we got into her car and drove back to my new house. Nothing was ready for me so she spent the evening pulling out all the toys and beds and leashes and stuff left by someone named Merlin. At the end of that busy day it was time for bed and I jumped right up on her bed and settled in, totally ignoring the crate that was set up for me.

I'm learning new things like:

Cars aren't really as scary as I think they are

Car rides don't mean that you are being given away again

Hand me down beds are comfy

There are things called squirrels outside

Don't eat the blinds

Crates are where dogs who eat the blinds have to spend their alone time 

Walks are fun

Hikes are even more fun because you can try to catch voles

The vet does mean things to you, but says you are cute and laughs when you think exams should be wrestling matches

 I'm sure I'll have lots more to tell you once I'm settled in.